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Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say:

"This product has done wonders for my eczema, in the past 2 weeks it has cleared up significantly and I am hopeful that it will continue to work its magic and clear up this patch of eczema thatIi have had for 20+ years."
- Amanda

"I am happy to say I use to have skin issues on my eyelids...red itchy burning and then would flake. I found Satya not only heal but use regularly now and have not had anymore flare ups. Highly recommend."
- Linda 

"This. stuff. works! On eczema and any other weird winter skin business we have going on. Great protection for the ski hill too!"
- Jacqueline J

"Been using this product for less than 72 hours and I've already seen a huge difference in my skin. I've been using it on my feet especially, which can get quite dry in the winter, and it's totally eliminated the cracks and dryness. Also love that the stick is refillable!"
- Mary

"I started using Satya on my face to see if it would help my rosacea. Within 2 days I noticed the redness in my face settling. Within 4 days, the difference is remarkable... I can’t remember the last time my skin looked this healthy!"
- Sandra 

"We have been using the organic eczema relief cream on my daughter’s eczema and I have been using it on my hands (I have psoriasis) and both of us have seen a big improvement! I highly recommend this product for its effectiveness, and also it’s eco-conscious packaging."
- Chantal H.   

"I have been using all sorts of creams and this product is amazing. I love the fact that it is natural and is free of harsh chemicals and steroids' typically found in eczema creams. Both my daughters and myself love this product and I would highly recommend it to anyone with dry itchy skin."
- Amanda M 

"This product has helped my daughter so much especially because she is a pre teen and her eczema is on her face from wearing masks. It has improved to the point it is almost gone now. Thank you!!!!"
- Cara