6 Ways Satya Helps Your Skin Get More From The Great Outdoors!

6 Ways Satya Helps Your Skin Get More From The Great Outdoors!

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The feeling of warm sun kissing bare skincold air on your cheeks in the middle of winter (or that warm tingle when you come back indoors after being outside); the rush of air as you coast down a hill on your bike, strong mountain winds whipping against your hot skin as you reach that plateau on your long hike. 

Nature. Is. Awesome. 

We don’t know about you, but we love to get outside whenever we can. Nothing is better (or more rejuvenating) than getting in some exercise or just soaking up some vitamin D directly from nature herself. Being outside has tremendous benefits to our mental and physical health, including our skin.  

But even when we’re doing something that’s good for our bodies, our skin can get up to mischief when exposed to natural elements like weather, humidity, and temperature.

Here are Six Ways Satya Can Help Your Skin Get More From The Great Outdoors: 

    1. ChafingSomething we're all too familiar with and definitely something we want to avoid. Especially with hot weather and exercise, the combination of friction caused by movement, heat, sweat and fabric or just skin against skin can be uncomfortable. Cycling, running, hiking, or even just walking around often causes prolonged rubbing on the skin, leading to burning or stinging sensations. Not fun. Luckily, a swipe of Satya balm on chafe-prone areas can keep you comfy even through your sweatiest activities!
    2. Chapping: You’re probably familiar with chapped lips, but if you spend a lot of time outside in frigid conditions, you know chapping doesn’t end there. Whether it's from cold or dry weather (or both), skin on our hands and face can get red, rough, cracked and generally uncomfortable. If you know you’re going to be in conditions that could lead to chapped skin, protect your skin by applying Satya beforehand – especially on your lips, cheeks, and handsIf you already have chapped skin, use Satya to soothe the affected area and help restore it to health.
    3. Dry Skin: While it’s not always bad, exposure to outside air can dry out your skin and cause irritation, flaky or dry skin from head to toe. Good news is, Satya is a powerful and concentrated skin hydratorTraditional lotions and creams contain ingredients that can actually dry out your skin even more: water, alcohol and mineral oils. Satya, on the other hand, contains only simple, whole ingredients – like jojoba and sweet almond oil – that mimic your skin’s natural oils and keep you hydrated deeply.

    4. Sun or Wind Burn: Even when we wear sunscreen or protective clothing, sun and wind burns can happen. These can manifest as red, sore, hot skin, sometimes with flaking or blistering. Satya is made with whole calendula petals, which have been used in traditional medicine to soothe burns and other minor skin irritations for centuries. If your skin is wind or sunburned, a light layer of Satya will bring a wave of relief and help calm it down!

    5. Bug Bites! One of the most irritating parts about being outside in the summer and spring is definitely... bug bites. These can be itchy, raised, sore, and just plain frustrating. If you’ve been a feast for some bugs, whatever you do, don’t itch ON the bite (it'll only make it worse). Instead, glide some Satya balm over the bite. The colloidal oatmeal will help reduce itchiness and soothe your skin.

    6. Blisters: Happy hiking season! Doubling up on layers and wearing the right footwear can minimize blistering, but sometimes we really can't escape the effects of pressure, heat and moisture on our skin. Apply Satya to your most blister-prone areas and cover with a bandage or tape if needed. Friction be gone!

Thankfully, in addition to being the culprit of some uncomfortable skin irritations, nature also has the solution. And the best thing for irritated skin? You guessed it. Moisturizing, fragrance-free, steroid-free, natural ingredients. 


Here are a few reviews from some of Satya’s nature-loving customers: 

This. stuff. works! On eczema and any other weird winter skin business we have going on. Great protection for the ski hill too! - Jacqueline J 

I am a runner and use it on my face on cold, windy winter runs!! - @reganyee 

I use it on my lips and around my eyes daily and then all over my face when I’m heading out for an extreme hike! AND I put on my daughters' hands, wrists, and face every morning and every night before bed. 😊 Love love love it!” - @lalizlex 

I basically use it for everything. If you’re a biker and you're chafing in this heat – get you some of this stuff!” - Kayla from @auarts.sa 


If your nature-loving skin needs some nature-approved TLC, check out our online store and pick up some Satya for your next outdoor adventure!

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