Selma Blair Loves Satya!

Selma Blair Loves Satya!

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We love, love, love it when our #SatyaFamily shares with the world how Satya has helped them and their loved ones with a variety of skin woes. Recently, we got an incredible shout-out from actress Selma Bair on Instagram so we wanted to take a moment to thank not just Selma, but all of you, our incredible Satya community! Thank you for your fantastic before and after stories, reviews and love. It means so much to hear how Satya has helped you. You're the reason why we made it in the first place! Keep the stories rolling in! #LoveSatya.


“My personal advice... get this! 👊🌿 I am a fan... so... 💦💦 With all the hand washing, and extra care being taken to keep our skin healthy, my hands look pretty worn and parched. ⚡️My skin ( knees, neck, left index finger...) are all speaking their language of woe. And then I remembered! @satyaorganic✨✨✨🌕. @be_alink so thoughtfully gifted me a generous care package during chemo when skin can do just about anything! I was lucky. But I have found a multitude of uses for this magic balm. Truly. Massage for my son. Dry lips 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻, too much sun, post chemo UV allergy that left me looking like I was suffering measles. This balm ointment is the only thing I could tolerate in my reactive skin. And now it is a god send for my whole body. Especially hands. 🌝 Thank you!" – Selma Blair

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